Founded in Nepal in 1984, Ashish Nirman Sewa has grown to become one of Nepal's leading construction contractors.


Ashish Nirman Sewa is one of the A class construction companies in Nepal. We aim to become the largest and most respected construction companies in the Nepali infrastructure industry. With years of strong, customer-focused approach and a continuous quest for world-class services, Ashish Nirman Sewa has brought unmatched capabilities across Engineering and Construction and maintains a lead in the construction industry in Nepal.

We strive to become pioneers in the Nepali infrastructure industry, continuing our legacy of innovation, we achieve new milestones with every endeavor. Ashish Nirman Sewa is responsible for landmark projects that have defined the country's progress. Surging ahead with a presence in multiple sectors and past involvement in revolutionary projects, we are creating opportunities for everyone by providing cutting-edge solutions for Road, Bridge, and hydropower construction in Nepal. 

We have a strong commitment towards the safety of the people we interact with hence, we take extreme precaution with every piece of infrastructure we build. We believe in possibilities. Every Ashish Nirman Sewa initiative hopes to empower the lives of the people connected to us. The growth of our people powers the progress of our company. Every accomplishment becomes a foundation for us to do even better, to dream bigger, and create a better future for generations to come. Our responsibility as industry leaders drives us to be bold and embrace tougher challenges.


Our core business covers the full spectrum of building construction and we are recognized as a specialist in utilizing avant-garde technology in our markets.
Our specialty fields include:

  •     Construction of all types of buildings
  •     Road and Bridge Construction
  •     Irrigation and Hydro Power
  •     Water Supply and Sewerage
  •     Airport and Railways

Our highly effective management, accurate planning, and resource deployment are key to making these projects possible. We carry a full team of tradesmen, skilled workmen, and well-experienced engineers and superintendents and maintain a full range of heavy construction equipment in our areas of operation. Such resources enable us to quickly mobilize into any area in the region and meet the varying requirements of the scheduled projects. Our advantage lies in our ability to bring solutions to our client's requirements in all phases of project planning and execution.